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Dr. Symona Monet

Join Our Community of People Changing Their World & Transforming Their Lives Through Our 90-Day Full-Life Transformation Program.

Dr. Symona Monet

Intuitive Spiritual Healer | Transformational Coach

We Take Pride in Helping People Thrive!

Dr. Symona Monet, Founder & CEO

Dr. Symona Monet lives by the mantra, "healing and the life we desire are in reach; we just have to grab it." Her intuitive gift, and extensive training in holistic health and the healing arts, have given her the knowledge and wisdom to help people heal and remove the blocks preventing them from reaching their full potential.

After working with Dr. Symona Monet, 98% of her clients notice remarkable differences in their lives. They claim rapid, lasting, and life-changing results.

90-Day Full-Life 

Transformation Program