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Self Mastery

Healing & Empowerment Workshop(In Person or Virtual)

  • Strengthen Your Inner Power

  • Eliminate Self Doubt

  • Break-Free From Low Self-Esteem

  • Break Free From Procrastination

  • Take Full Control of Your Life

  • Establish Clear Boundaries

  • Manifest /your Dreams, Desires, and Goals

  • Gain Confidence and Motivation

  • Break-Free From Energetic Blocks Keeping You From Becoming The Best Version of Yourself.

  • Free Digital Guilded Visualization and Affirmations for Self Mastery.

  • Gain Intuitive and Spiritual Insight on How to Master Yourself.

  • NIEH For Self Mastery 

  • Food/Refreshments (In-Person)

  • Games, Giveaways, Prizes, and More...

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